Bathroom for one of our disabled veterans

This project offered the Renovations team the opportunity to provide service for one of our disabled veterans. We needed to create a space in the master bath that was wheelchair accessible including a tub removal, new zero entry shower, toilet and vanity with wheelchair accessible sink. Shaynee McMillion helped pull this off with style!

Style and Design: Materials

Along with the layout of a room, the actually materials used are a crucial aspect of an remodel or new design work. There are quite literally thousands of available options in terms of colors, appliances, flooring, and every other design aspect of a room, be it a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

It’s important to choose options that not only look great, but are a practical as well. A home with small children will need a durable, scratch resistant with rounded corners on counter tops, while a home without kids may opt for decorative touches and less child-friendly features.

It can be wise to research materials, fixtures, and cabinet styles in order to familiarize yourself with trending styles, innovative products, and available options. Along with the Internet, local showrooms can be great resources, as we often bring clients there to help brainstorm and create a plan that finds a common ground between functional and elegant.

Style and Design In Your Home: Photos

At some point, every one of us has stood in a friends home or eaten at a restaurant and thought, “Wow, I really like how they used ________ to give this room a ________ look.”


Whether it be a minute detail of a kitchen sink, or the entire layout of a kitchen, remembering what you appreciated about particular design aspects is important. It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed by the Internet and the dozens of design magazines available, so taking your own photos can be crucial.

Snapping a quick photo on your smartphone or cutting out a magazine photo can not only speed up the design process, but help ensure your room looks exactly as you had envisioned when it’s finally completed.  Having photos to use as inspiration and provide to your designer can be the defining factor between a cookie cutter room, or a custom and inventive space.

Style and Design in your Home: Goals

As with anything you want done right, having clearly defined goals before undertaking a remodel can be the difference between a shoddy project and a professional job. Not only does style and design change over time, but so do our preferences and needs during different stages of life.


Likely you already have a fairly clear and well thought out idea of how your current kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom could be improved, but meeting with a professional remodeler can provide invaluable insight prior to commencing any work on your home.  With years of experience under our belts, the Renovations team can help make any dream remodel a reality by combining yours ideas with our practical knowledge and background.

Be it a more open floor plan in your kitchen with more counter space, or a second sink in the bathroom for your spouse, we can assist you from concept to completion in any of your remodel dreams.

Garage Storage: Creating a system

Garage storage can be simple or extensive. Often the garage becomes a catch all for storage of items that don’t fit neatly into the house, and /or yard work items such as lawn mower and garden tools when an outdoor shed in not allowed or available.

There are many garage storage systems that are developed from components which are chosen and assembled according to your needs. Tall cabinets, shelves, workbench, peg boards and drawers. All these can be effective parts of a system designed to maximize use of the space you have.

As with implementing any solution, up front planning is crucial to achieving a successful outcome. By taking the time to decide what you want to store goes a long way to understanding how to store the items.

Once you decided what you are going to store, then think about how often you need to access that item. Christmas decorations are the quintessential example of mid-term storage needs. Once a year, that is what we call midterm length of storage. Here is a quick guide to determining time frames to access your stored items;

Daily, those items you need every day, once a week or often enough that digging through things to get at them is a pain. These are things such as clothes, papers, towels supplies, most kitchen items involving perishable food, and cleaning supplies.

Monthly, these are items you access once every month or two. Items can be seasonal such as garden tools when appropriate, automotive supplies, household tools….

Six months to a year, this would include seasonal storage of lawn furniture, winter vs. summer clothing, and yes this is where the Christmas lights fall in.

More than a year is the long term stuff. These are usually keepsakes, replaced furniture, hand me downs, and memories. These items can go into those rarely accessed spaces that take advantage of all the space available for storage.

These four categories can help you, a storage designer, or an architect create a storage system that fits your needs, your space, and your budget.

Once you know what you need, a design solution can be created.

Open Your Cabin – Step 3: Final Inspection

What may be a second home to you can quickly become the holy grail of dens to critters of all shapes and sizes while you’re gone, regardless of how well you think you sealed it for the winter.

Closets, cabinets, and the attic should all be inspected for insects and mice before moving in your belongings and food for the summer months.

Though not as necessary as turning on the gas and water, power washing the deck or siding can sometimes be necessary to remove mold or moss, not to mention dust and dirt. This can go a long way to making the cabin look great for the season as well”

One final aspect of spring-cleaning that is commonly overlooked but extremely important is clearing deadfall or pine needles away from the exterior of the house and out of the gutters. Taking preventive steps could potentially save your house from our increasingly common wildfires.

If anything else arises and needs repair, make sure to utilize our Handyman Services to help you get ready in the most cost effective manner.  For more information about opening your cabin and all the steps you should take, click here

Open Your Cabin – Step 2: Turn on the Water

Once you have safely turned on the gas in your cabin, you are ready to get the water flowing. Specific steps for turning on a winterized water system are dependent on how your system is set up.

It should go without saying that faucets and valves left open to prevent cracking from the freeze-thaw cycle should be closed and returned to the shut position.

In cabins that use a well pump, it’s important to run the water until it is clear, removing any rust or iron that may have built up over the winter, and bringing new water in.

As with your gas lines, checking for leaks throughout your home is an important step in opening up your cabin for summer. Do this by slowly turning on faucets individually.

The freeze-thaw cycle can quickly wreck havoc on and crack pipes throughout your cabin, and having a friend or family member on hand to quickly shut off the main water line in the event of a leak while you inspect the various rooms of the cabin can be helpful.

For more information about opening your cabin and all the steps you should take, click here

Open Up Your Cabin – Step 1: Turning on the Gas

Safely opening your cabin for the summer can be easy by following just a few steps. If you’ve followed proper winter preparation procedures in the fall, opening up your cabin for the summer should be quick work. But nevertheless, there are a few important steps to take before the kids begin roasting marshmallows.

Before anything else, double check to ensure everything is shut off, including the gas lines, water lines, and electrical appliances, before lighting the pilot light.

Remove any storm window sealing and open the windows to get fresh air flowing throughout your cabin before re-igniting the gas.

Following that, turn on your main gas line, and be prepared to light the stove, water heater, and fireplace if you have one, all the while paying close attention for the faintest smell of gas.

The freeze-thaw cycle caused by low winter temps can cause all varieties of pipes to expand and contract, testing the flex and integrity of seals and joints throughout the house. Beyond a simple smell test, an easy test to see if you have a gas leak is to mix soap in a bucket of water, rub the solution on the line fittings, and see if bubbles form when the gas is turned on. Here’s a great step-by-step guide: How to Detect Gas Leaks.

Following these simple steps for turning on your gas will create a safe cabin and peace of mind. For more information about opening your cabin and all the steps you should take, click here

Renew, Refresh, and Restore Your Home

Home shows are a one-stop show for remodeling ideas and tips. And here in Yavapai County, we have one of the best Home & Garden Shows around.

Join me for the 36th Annual Home & Garden Show later this month, April 25-27, 2014, presented by the  Yavapai County Contractors Association (YCCA).

Find innovative products, new ideas, practical advice and great deals in remodeling, home improvement and gardening with hundreds of experts all under one roof. From windows and flooring to cabinets and landscaping and much more. Shop, compare and save for 3 days only!

Inspiration starts here!

Attend the YCCA’s Home and Garden show for ideas in remodeling, home improvement, design and outdoor projects with hundreds of experts all under one roof. From windows and flooring to cabinets and decor plus so much more.

And of course, we will be there as well, sharing great tips and ideas and answering your questions about your next home renovation!

Bring non-perishable food items to support the  Yavapai Food Bank

Show dates & times:

April 25, Friday 9-5
April 26, Sat 9-5
April 27, Sun 10-3
At Tim’s Toyota Center


Looking for an energetic professional salesperson

We are looking for a focused, energetic person with professional sales training to join our client focused design build company to help our clients realize their dreams.  Commission based with the opportunity to earn six figures.

A successful candidate must be high energy, caring, and focused. The ability to adapt to a variety of client challenges and maintain clarity of purpose is a must.

Responsibilities and requirements include proactively prospect for new customers, punctual, good attendance, and presentable appearance, working knowledge of MS Office programs, excellent verbal and writing skills, and works well in a team environment.

This individual will also assist in our ongoing marketing efforts by attending networking opportunities, contacting past clients, and assisting with newsletter content.

If you are passionate about helping people and have the heart of an entrepreneur, contact us by emailing your resume to